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Beth Kittrell has over 30 years designing fully-livable homes. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, her company offers custom services always prioritizing her clients’ desires and decisions.

Kittrell Interiors’ professional designers and specialists will help you build the kitchen of your dreams. Be it from scratch or just by modifying the right details, we will make it just as you wish.

Make your kitchen beautiful!

Kitchen rebuild or redesign is considered to be the most popular remodeling project after bathrooms. Even though the main functions of a kitchen involve storing, preparing, and cooking food, a kitchen can be much more than that! In many cases, people spend much time in this place as it may be used also for having everyday meals, doing the laundry, having informal meetings, among other activities.

The process of remodeling any house area -the kitchen area in particular- can be stressful and chaotic. Avoid unnecessary headaches and budget-breaking delays and leave the hard work in professional hands. At Kittrell Design, we will ensure successful and efficient results, with no hidden last-minute fees and guaranteeing a kitchen worth living in.

Let's do it!

At the very beginning, our experts will listen to your needs and desires concerning your kitchen. What’s on your wishlist? Which is the most annoying thing in your current kitchen design? What is your budget? Our team will listen and analyze the problems you experience in your current kitchen organization and will offer an integral solution according to your budget. 

Our designers will show you different kitchen shapes layouts for you to decide which model you think will best fit your needs.

After the layout phase, we will define the estimated time for the rest of the process that will vary depending on the list of things to do.

Kittrell Interiors’ team will remove the old appliances and tear out the old materials. Knocking down the load-bearing walls to create a new kitchen might be necessary if you want an entirely new design. 

Then, they will rebuild the structure according to the plan. The process involves construction tasks such as building a new kitchen island, installing kitchen cabinets, replacing the kitchen faucet, removing and replacing tiles, plumbing and wiring and more.

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The importance of kitchen remodeling

Kitchens are the heart and soul of any home, so it makes sense that they would also be at center stage for family gatherings. A great new kitchen should become an inviting space where you spend quality time with your loved ones. From hosting friends over to day-to-day family dinners, make sure you have the perfect setting to create new dishes & spare quality time together! 

Kitchen renovation will not just make your home a more livable place, but it’ll also increase the house’s equity value. A beautiful space to cook in and store food? Check! A welcoming area for friends and family? Check again! Kittrell Interiors will make it happen!

Let’s create the kitchen of your dreams together!

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